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Monday, May 7, 2012

Game 6 and Game 7 Recap

Sorry for the delayed posting of the recaps but actually the last two games have not been very exciting.  We beat Cool Green 2-1 but their goal was scored in the last minute of the game.  I was already out playing in the field since I was sort of bored waiting for some action at goalie.  I only had 1 save in the game.

Pretty bored waiting for some action.

Game 7 was against Manic Attack and I was a little bit busier but not much.  4 saves only.  Our team looked really good and other than a long shot by their best player for their one goal there wasn't much action.

This week we have two big games: Crush on Thursday and Tsunami on Saturday.  These games should be very busy for me which will hopefully get me over the 50 save mark.

This week I am looking forward to more action like this.

Only three games left and I am excited to finish strong and earn more money to help these kids in Africa.

Thank you for all your support.  Please share this campaign with others.

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