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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chalk Talk for Charity Update

One week from tonight in Logan, Utah at the Riter Mansion five players from the WAC Champion Utah State Aggies Women's Soccer Team will share their experiences with the community at a fundraiser to benefit Save-A-Thon For Africa.

We are very excited and grateful that the following ladies will be participating in the Chalk Talk.

Also, please note that the event is now FREE to all.  We would simply encourage you to come with whatever financial donations you can to help us help others in Ghana this Christmas.

Even though it's free we do need you to register so we can plan food, etc. accordingly.  Register here.

See you soon!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Soccer Balls for Ghana!

We bought our first batch of soccer balls today for the children in Ghana we will be visiting in about three weeks!  Here are some pictures.  We still need more funds to pay for my flight and for more food for the village when we celebrate Christmas with them.  Please go here and do what you can.  Thanks!

Al's Sporting Goods sold us these balls at a great price and then deflated them for packing.

We can only take 6 big duffel bags so I had to cram the balls in tight.

That's 30 balls packed with a little extra room.

1 bag down, 5 to go!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chalk Talk 4 Charity with the Aggies Women's Soccer Team!

Click here for more details

We are very happy to announce a special charity fundraiser featuring members of the WAC Champion Utah State Aggies Women's Soccer Team!  Click the link above for more details but the key points are as follows:

When: Thursday, December 6th from 7:00-8:30PM

Where: Riter Mansion, 168 N 100 E, Logan, Utah

What: A fireside chat with members of the Aggies discussing soccer, being your best, and doing good in the world.

Food is included and the event will be lots of fun.  All proceeds from the event go to supporting Save-A-Thon For Africa and our humanitarian trip to Ghana on December 20th.

Check it out and register below.  Hope to see you there!

Click here for more details

Monday, November 19, 2012

People Water Partnership

I am very excited to be doing a partnership with People Water (  We are selling bottled water that is already produced for a great cause (clean water for people in need around the world) to help raise the funds I need for my airfare to deliver Christmas to more than 300 very poor children in Ghana, Africa next month.  People Water is letting me keep a generous portion of the sales for Save-A-thon For Africa.

If you are interested and able to support me the price is $3.00 per 16.9oz bottle and you can simply send an email to my dad with your order ( who will help process the payment and get you your water.  If you live outside of Cache Valley you can still buy the water and we will donate what you buy to the villages we visit.

Thank you VERY much for helping me reach my goal to provide a Christmas miracle for so many kids who literally have nothing this year.