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Monday, April 30, 2012

Game 5 Recap

We played the other undefeated team in our league, Crush, and, as expected, it was a close game.  We ended up winning 2-1 and I had 11 saves.  We had a great goal in the first half and led 1-0 at halftime. 

In the 2nd half they had the ball near our goal and the ball went out so I and my defenders stopped playing but the referee missed the call and Crush kept playing.  We were caught off guard and they scored a goal over my head.  I learned a valuable lesson to keep playing until the referee blows the whistle.

Anyway, with the game tied we continued to keep up the pressure and one of best friends, Sid Barlow, ended up scoring another goal for us to make it 2-1 with about 10 minutes left to go.

Our defense played really well against this team but you can see that they were a good team and I was busy making the most saves in any game so far!

We are now half way through the season and have raised about $200.  Please add to it by pledging whatever you can today.


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